The Process behind the Learn From Home initiative.

The Process behind the Learn From Home initiative.


About four months ago, the Lagos State government initiated a full lockdown. All schools closed and all students including ours at Bethesda Child Support Agency was forced to stay at home.

At the beginning of the lockdown, it seemed that once everyone self-quarantined for a month, then the numbers of infected people would drop and we could all return to school but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

As it began to dawn on everyone that most schools might be closed for a long period, people began to come up with alternatives. The most common was online learning. We also wanted to move in that direction but after much brainstorming, one particular challenge always stood out.

Online learning requires technology from both the teachers and the students and this includes internet subscriptions. For our children whose parents struggle to provide them with adequate meals for the day, the added burden of internet subscription seemed too much for them to carry.

We needed a cost-effective way to continue to provide free quality education to our children as the most important thing was for them to continue learning despite the pandemic.

With the focus on learning while protecting our children from being infected with the virus, we started the “Learn From Home” initiative. This initiative which focussed on providing our children with learning materials and worksheets bi-weekly ensured that learning did not stop for all our children.

It has been four months since we started the “Learn from Home” initiative and it has been successful but you don’t have to take our word for it. Please join us next week as we interview some of our students and write about how impactful this initiative has been.


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