Tale Of An Orphan.

Tale Of An Orphan.


When a child is born, it is expected that they grow up with a mom and a dad, but this was not the case for Temiyeoluwa. He lost both his parents within a space of three months after he was born and it seemed he might never get to have a normal life.

His mom died due to complications of childbirth while his dad lost his life in an accident leaving Temiye without even a memory of them.

Temiye had no choice but to live with his grandmother. She did her best to take care of him with the little she had but it was not enough and you could see that Temiye was a little too frail for his age.

Most children begin to walk in their first year but for Temiye it was not so. It wasn’t clear if it was because of trauma or medical reasons. For him to stand, his grandmother had to plant his feet in the soil and this exercise continued religiously for two years. At the age of four, Temiye was finally able to walk.

I met Temiye during the profiling exercise for new intakes. He still looked frail and at first, it made me doubt if he was old enough to start school. I spoke with him and after asking him a few questions, I realized he was smarter than an average 5-year-old.

The last 5 years have shown me that Temiye only needed love and support to grown into the person he is meant to become. He now relates better with other children and has grown amazingly over the years.

                                                  • Miss Faith Ebenezer (Head Teacher BNPS Ikota)



Bethesda Child Support Agency caters to orphans and vulnerable children like Temiye. In our 19 years of existence, we have provided free quality education to 5,000 children.

The current pandemic has forced us to close down our schools indefinitely but Learning must not stop! This is why we created the Learn From Home initiative to help keep our children learning from home.

Every week within the past two months, we have provided printed learning resources and worksheets in a folder for every child from Nursery to Secondary School. The Bethesda #LearnFromHome initiative ensures that learning does not stop and that students are adequately engaged until school reopens.


This initiative involves giving each child a learn from home pack with learning materials and exercises to keep them engaged until it is safe to come back to school. It costs N5,000 to prepare an average to learn from home pack to keep each child engaged for a month.


There are 1,000 children like Temiye counting on us! You can support us by donating to Access Bank – Bethesda Child Support Foundation – 0739074992. With your support, we will continue to ensure that 1,000 disadvantaged children do not miss out on quality education because of this pandemic.

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