Experiences Of A Bethesda Teacher – Part 2

Experiences Of A Bethesda Teacher – Part 2


It’s was a rainy day and there I was in Fadekemi’s house. Her mom had told me over the phone that she had not been feeling very well, so I had gone to see her. I was in their thatched house with leaking roofs and I remember wondering how they managed to survive in here.

Fadekemi had lost her dad three years ago at the age of four and her mom who was a petty trader had been the one taking care of her and her two elder brothers.

A few weeks before my visit to Fadekemi’s house, I vividly remember she had come to school looking very pale and unkempt. I proceeded to question her and after a lot of persuasion and petting, she finally revealed her mom had not been home for two days because she had been at work.

Her mom apparently works as a cleaner and couldn’t come home because the family had a party and had requested she stayed and helped clean up afterward.

Looking back, I remember Fadekemi lying down on a mat, sick with no medical attention. We had to quickly rush her to a Health Centre nearby for tests and treatments.

Sometimes I imagine the worst, what if Bethesda didn’t require us to do monitoring and evaluation for our children? Would Fadekemi had received medical attention in time?


I am glad you came for the screening test those few years ago and was given the opportunity of an education. I am thankful that Bethesda has put in place measures to ensure all her beneficiaries are safe.


 –  Miss Faith Ebenezer

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