Experiences Of A Bethesda Teacher. (Part 1)

Experiences Of A Bethesda Teacher. (Part 1)

My name is Ebenezer Faith Abiodun. I have been a teacher for almost 14years. I had the privilege of starting early because my mum owned a school. At first, I just did it for fun and to help my mum but as time went by, I began to love the atmosphere. I have since then taught in different schools and homes.

   Teaching in a non-governmental organization for less privileged children has been a unique experience. I have had some very fun cases and some not so fun cases. A majority of the students under our care, see school as a haven, where they can be attended to, loved, listened to, cared for, and understood.

   Unlike the regular school where teachers have to deal with making sure the children learn, snack when appropriate, eat when it’s break time, and all of that. Teachers in our schools have to go the extra mile with some of our students. They sometimes have to get them breakfast, care for them when ill, talk to their guardians to ensure they are well taken care of, and report back to the administrators if there are any issues.

 We have a peculiar case of a boy in pre-school 2/nursery 2, who never wants to come to school. For the first few weeks, we had to practically go to his house to bring him to school. We however found out that he was not feeding well. He probably did not want to be in a classroom learning or should I say listening to a teacher on an empty belly. After the first meal he got, he was eager to come to school. Now, he does not mind learning as long as he gets a meal.

This is one of the numerous cases we’ve had over the years. Till I come your way again with more non-fiction stories of my experience as a class educator.

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