A Jewel In The Crown!

A Jewel In The Crown!

Imagine being a child and having a happy family – a mother, a father, and a sibling all living together and being able to afford all your basic needs.

Clinton Melu was that child until he tragically lost his father at the age of five and his father’s relatives came to convert his father’s property. This made surviving even harder for Clinton, his sibling, and his mother.

Today we introduce you to Clinton Melu who needed our support and because we were there for him, Clinton can now boast of having a better life and being on track to achieving his dreams.

After losing his father, Clinton’s mother had to prioritize what was most important (food & shelter), education was regarded as a secondary need and was halted. Fortunately for Clinton, his mother was introduced to Bethesda Child Support Agency in 2005. Through Bethesda, he was able to receive free quality education and mentoring advice from diverse resource persons.

After Secondary School, the need to make ends meet meant Clinton had to become a keke rider to help provide for his family. Bethesda came to his aid again with an internship at Talent Bureau Limited and this you could say changed his life forever. Clinton strived to be a better person and not settle for less and while working as an intern for Talent Bureau Limited, he attended the National Open University of Nigeria and got a degree in Business Management. He has since become a valuable member of Talent Bureau Limited and is focused on getting a certification in Digital Marketing.

Clinton’s story is inspiring and despite facing a series of ups and downs, he was able to rise above the challenges and become a productive member of society.

This is the dream we have for all our beneficiaries and even though the current pandemic has stopped our children from going to school, learning has not stopped. Every week within the past two months, we have provided printed learning resources and worksheets in a folder for every child from Nursery to Secondary School. The Bethesda #LearnFromHome initiative ensures that learning does not stop and that students are adequately engaged until school reopens.

This initiative involves giving each child a learn from home pack with learning materials and exercises to keep them engaged until it is safe to come back to school. It costs N5,000 to prepare an average to learn from home pack to keep each child engaged for a month.

There are 1,000 children counting on us just like Clinton did and with your support, we can help change their lives as you helped us did with Clinton.

You can lend us a helping hand by donating to Access Bank – Bethesda Child Support Foundation – 0739074992. With your support, we will continue to ensure that 1,000 disadvantaged children do not miss out on quality education because of this pandemic.

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