We strive to create an enabling environment for the healthy development of underprivileged and disadvantaged children.

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Palm impression on canvas – Team members can participate in a simple art activity that involves making an impression of their hand on a customized canvas using acrylic paint (which will be provided by Bethesda). The participating team member will then sign their name beneath the impression of their palm. The artwork your team creates will be framed by Bethesda, and can be placed in a meeting room or lounge.


LunchOut® initiative aims at tugging at the heartstrings of individuals to skip a meal for a good cause. In previous years, we have used this campaign as a tool to create awareness about child hunger and for carrying out a food drive in commemoration of World Food Day (October 16th). This time however, we plan to channel the funds realized to the education (tuition and school materials) of the children. To participate, members of your team can support this campaign by skipping a meal worth =N=1,000 in August, and donating the cash equivalent. The funds realized will go towards the provision of educational materials for the students.


The Save For September initiative is a Piggy Bank activity for children and well, the “young at heart”! Your team can participate by getting a piggy bank, and start saving “loose change” collectively till September 16th, 2019 when school reopens. It will be great to see your team members prove the age old adage that little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

For more information, please call  08033536487.

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To create an enabling environment for disadvantaged children that empowers them to thrive, grow, and develop to their full potential.

For the past 18 years, we have provided young people with the gift of opportunity.

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